Handy reference

The Postal Service has installed software on ACE computers that permanently displays workstation specifications and other information on the desktop.

The information will be particularly helpful to users seeking assistance from the IT Service Desk.

Finding workstation specifications can be cumbersome for many users.

Some information, such as serial and device identification numbers, can be found by right clicking on the Windows icon on the bottom left side of the desktop and clicking “system.”

Hard drive storage, memory and other information are located elsewhere.

 When users have difficultly locating this information, it extends IT Service Desk calls and wait times.

 The software upgrade permanently displays workstation specifications information in the upper right corner of the desktop. The information automatically refreshes every two minutes.

 If you don’t see the workstation information on your ACE desktop, log off or reboot the computer.

For assistance, call the USPS Help Desk at 800-877-7435 and say “workstation information deployment” when prompted.