Policy reminder

USPS is reminding facilities that hazardous chemicals must be prevented from entering stormwater drains and waterways.

The organization’s “zero discharge” policy requires facilities to control the pollutants that enter the environment.

Under the policy, facilities must:

• Promptly address spills and report environmental spills with PS Form 8187, Hazardous and Regulated Substance Release Notification.

• Provide cover for contaminants such as oil, chemicals, batteries, tires, salt storage piles and trash that are stored outside.

• Keep containers and dumpsters closed and in good condition.

• Keep exterior areas clean, keep parking lots free of debris and ensure catch basins and drains are clear.

• Apply pesticides and fertilizers with precision and restraint on postal grounds.

To support this policy, suppliers contracted to wash vehicles on USPS property must adhere to approved zero discharge washing methods, including using either a dry wipe process or a wet wash that collects and contains wash water.

Postal vehicle maintenance facilities must wash vehicles inside wash bays.

The Stormwater Management Environmental Compliance Bulletin on Blue has more information.