Delivery pilot update

The Postal Service has added new Texas locations to the USPS Connect Local pilot, which helps businesses and organizations provide local-to-local same-day and next-day package delivery at affordable rates.

The program, which launched July 19 with four locations in Houston and three in Dallas, has added 10 sites in each area, for a total of 27.

USPS Connect Local offers business customers direct access to the organization’s unmatched delivery network.

Businesses that enroll in the pilot and agree to the program’s terms and conditions receive delivery rates usually reserved for large-volume mailers.

The businesses then bring their prepaid labeled packages directly to the back dock of the postal facility closest to the package destinations for fast deliveries in the local community.

“This delivery process is unprecedented, and we’re excited to be piloting it — first in Texas, and then across the country once we demonstrate our readiness,” said Jakki Krage Strako, the Postal Service’s chief commerce and business solutions officer.

USPS Connect is a major component of the organization’s 10-year Delivering for America plan and is expected to contribute to the plan’s goal of $24 billion in net revenue growth.