Raising funds

The Postal Service is reminding employees that they must follow the rules about fundraising and community service activities in the workplace.

Employees can fundraise in their personal capacity only if they are off duty and doing it outside of the workplace. Employees cannot solicit their subordinates and cannot connect the fundraiser to the Postal Service.

Employees can fundraise in their official capacity only for the Combined Federal Campaign.

Community service activities that involve donating food, clothing or toys might be appropriate for approval under the Postal Service’s community services activity policy (CSAP), which lets employees contribute to the health and well-being of their communities while they’re on the job.

To qualify for approval under CSAP, the activity must:

• Be a preexisting activity that will proceed with or without the Postal Service’s involvement;

• Not be political or religious in nature; and

• Fall under one of several categories listed in Section 333.7 of the Administrative Support Manual, such as fighting hunger or promoting wellness.

CSAP activities must be approved by the appropriate USPS vice president.

Employees who have questions should call the ethics helpline at 202-268-6346 or send an email to ethics.help@usps.gov.

The Postal Service is observing Ethics Awareness Week from Aug. 16-22.