ID Enroll gets update

An update to ID Enroll — an application that allows Postal Service workers to enroll customers in Informed Delivery right from USPS-issued smartphones — is now available for download.

The organization tweaked the app to be compatible with new standards on the Android and iOS platforms.

Almost 65,000 customers have signed up for Informed Delivery using ID Enroll, which was launched in 2017.

“We’re excited by the great relationships that our team members have with their customers that — with the app — can make signing up for Informed Delivery an even easier experience,” said Bob Dixon, product technology innovation director.

The Product Solutions Blue page has more information on downloading and using the ID Enroll app.

Bigger files

The Postal Service is transitioning to a new file-sharing platform that will allow ACE computer users to upload and share larger files.

SharePoint Online External Large File Sharing, also known as ELFS, features unlimited size restrictions and real-time editing capabilities for users who want to share large presentations, photos and videos with people outside the network.

The new platform replaces Secure Large File Transfer (SLFT), the organization’s current file-sharing application.

All current SLFT users automatically have access to ELFS.

To prepare for the transition, current SLFT users should remove all files and folders from the application and save them to an alternate storage location before Sept. 17.

After that date, SLFT will be decommissioned and all files and folders will no longer be retrievable.

To move SLFT content, follow these steps:

• Log into SFLT.

• Download all files and folders from SLFT and save them to OneDrive or an alternate storage location.

• Email CISO Engineering Data Security Services once all files and folders have been removed from SLFT.

ELFS is not yet available in eAccess. However, ACE users who need ELFS can request SLFT in eAccess to receive ELFS access.

For more information, go to the SLFT and ELFS Blue page or email CISO Engineering Data Security Services.