Special occasion

The Postal Service has released its first newly designed Happy Birthday stamp in almost two decades.

The Forever stamp is meant to give invitations, envelopes and cards an additional touch of good cheer.

The stamp features the word “happy” prominently in capital letters, with each of the five letters inspired by a different party decoration, while “birthday” appears below in blue surrounded by a flurry of multicolored ribbons and confetti.

Lisa Catalone Castro and Rodolfo Castro designed the stamp, with artwork by Rodolfo. Ethel Kessler served as art director.

The Postal Service’s first Happy Birthday stamp, issued in 1987, showed a candle on a slice of cake and was part of a Special Occasions booklet reflecting a variety of greetings. The following year, a second Special Occasions booklet included a Happy Birthday stamp depicting a colorful row of candles.

Later, a 2002 stamp featured the words “Happy Birthday” amid a smattering of festive confetti.

The new stamp, released Sept. 9, is available at Post Offices and usps.com.