Business Reply Mail training

A training course on Business Reply Mail procedures and invoicing will soon be available in HERO.

The course, titled Business Reply Mail, is mandatory for Level 18 Postmasters, lead retail associates, retail associates, sales and service distribution clerks, postage due clerks, postage due technicians, mailing requirements clerks, bulk mail clerks, bulk mail technicians and bulk mail dock clerks.

There will be a supplemental video titled “Intelligent Mail barcode Accounting (IMbA) Sampling and Verification.”

Because all Qualified Business Reply Mail (QBRM) customers — those with a specific account for larger-scale mailings — will soon be moved to IMbA, it is important that IMbA’s nuances are understood and followed properly to prevent double-billing.

Business Reply Mail is an attractive, cost-saving measure for businesses because the Postal Service charges only on pieces that customers send back to the mailer.

The Business Reply Mail Blue page has more information.