On-time deliveries

In his latest video message, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy thanks USPS employees for the organization’s recent service performance improvements.

In August, the Postal Service delivered 94.1 percent of Marketing Mail on time when compared with the organization’s service standard — the highest level of service performance ever recorded for that mail category.

USPS has made progress in the First-Class Mail and Periodicals categories, too.

“Our on-time performance is heading in the right direction — and we need to keep it that way,” DeJoy says.

The Postmaster General also discusses efforts to implement Delivering for America, the Postal Service’s 10-year plan to improve financial sustainability, as well as the importance of preparations for the peak holiday delivery season.

“The better prepared we enter the holiday season, the better we will do,” he says.

The video, released Sept. 22, is available on Link and other postal websites and will be shown to employees throughout USPS this week and next.

Staying stocked

During National Preparedness Month, the Postal Service is encouraging employees to refresh their home emergency supply kit — including pet supplies, if necessary — by closely reviewing expiration dates.

An emergency supply kit is a collection of basic items to sustain everyone in the household for 72 hours. Items should be stored in airtight plastic bags and put in one or two easy-to-carry containers such as plastic bins or a duffel bag.

At a minimum, experts recommend kits have the following:

• One gallon of water per person, per day;

• Nonperishable, easy-to-prepare food;

• Medications and any needed medical items;

• Battery-powered or hand-crank radio, flashlight and extra batteries;

• Moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties (for personal sanitation);

• Wrench or pliers (to turn off utilities);

• Cellphone with chargers and a backup battery; and

• Copies of personal documents (medication lists and pertinent medical information, proof of address, deed or home lease, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies).

The USPS National Preparedness website has more information, including easy-to-follow checklists on personal preparedness.

Wide world of wellness

There’s still time to give yourself a world-class wellness experience.

The Worldwide Wellness challenge, a six-week interactive program to build behaviors for lifelong wellness while virtually traveling the globe, began last month.

USPS employees can use their personal, nonpostal devices to log into the program website or download the Worldwide Wellness app to track physical activity and healthy behaviors, access hundreds of delicious recipes and virtually visit and learn about travel destinations around the world.

Participants can record steps manually, by using a tracking device or by using an activity converter tool provided by the program.

Employees can create teams of four to five members and get support from colleagues, friends and interactive message boards to stay motivated. Participating in small groups helps make the challenge more engaging and provides an opportunity for team building.

The Worldwide Wellness challenge runs from Sept. 13-Oct. 24. Registration began last month, and the last day to officially join is Sept. 27.

Employees can register on the Worldwide Wellness website.

This voluntary challenge is sponsored by Government Employees Health Association, a provider of health benefit plans for federal employees.

Nonexempt postal employees may participate off the clock or during authorized breaks. Those with questions should email the USPS Health and Wellness team.

News Briefs

Scanning snapshot

Scanning snapshot. A snapshot of Postal Service scanning data shows the national rating was 96.66 percent during the week ending Sept. 17, down 0.45 percent from one week earlier.

The data was collected Sept. 22.

Western Pacific led the four areas with a rating of 96.99 percent, while Atlantic ranked last with a 96.43 percent rating.

Among the 50 districts, Washington, part of Western Pacific Area, ranked first with a 97.86 percent rating, while Puerto Rico, part of Southern Area, ranked last with an 87.06 percent rating.

Scanning data allows customers to track their mail and packages, which helps USPS deliver excellent service, boost loyalty and drive revenue.

To see the latest data, go to the Informed Visibility website and select “Customer Experience,” followed by “DES 2 Scan Performance.” Postal Service employees must request Informed Visibility access through eAccess.

Delivery data. From July 1-Sept. 10, USPS delivered 88.5 percent of First-Class Mail on time when compared with the organization’s service standard, an improvement of 1 percentage point from the third quarter (April 1-June 30).

The data was included in the Postal Service’s latest delivery data, reported last week.

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