New dimensions

USPS is changing the dimensions of 14 standard and specialized expedited packaging supplies to better align with mail processing equipment requirements.

The organization annually produces and fulfills more than 181 million orders of standard and specialized expedited packaging supplies, including Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail and Global Express Guaranteed.

Starting in late September, the dimensions of 11 standard and three specialized items will change.

The changes will allow the boxes and envelopes to be processed on mail processing equipment more efficiently, reducing the need for manual package sortation.

Standard packaging is available at, with some items also available in Post Offices.

Specialized packaging is used by customers who conduct a minimum of $75,000 in revenue annually with the organization.

Earlier this month, the Postal Service began allowing customers who have registered at to have expedited packaging supplies delivered to them within two to three business days for a fee.

The Postal Service will continue to fulfill expedited packaging supplies orders with the current dimensions until supplies are depleted.

After that, orders will be fulfilled with the new dimensions.

The gallery image that accompanies this article has a chart showing the new dimensions. For additional information, email