On the alert

Hand hold smartphone with USPS display on screen

Informed Visibility has added a new feature that allows employees using USPS-issued mobile devices to receive alerts.

The Informed Visibility Real-Time Messaging Program allows qualified internal postal applications and data analysis tools to use Informed Visibility’s connectivity and framework to securely send alerts in near-real-time to registered users.

“The name of the game is speed to action and precision problem-solving,” said Jeff Johnson, the USPS enterprise analytics vice president. “This program provides the potential for success by allowing employees to quickly and accurately address potential issues once an alert is received.”

Application administrators must register applications with the Informed Visibility Real-Time Messaging Program to allow employees to sign up and receive alerts.

The alerts are customizable, allowing users to define their data and determine when and how frequently they want to receive that information.

“The possibilities for this feature are endless,” said Johnson. “Imagine a real-time snapshot of a plant’s resources, workhours and incoming volume delivered right to your device when you need it.”

Alerts can be used in a variety of ways to simplify and deliver important communications across the organization.

For registration and additional information, email the Informed Visibility Solutions Center at informedvisibility@usps.gov.