The rules online

The Postal Service wants employees and contractors to remember they’re prohibited from speaking on behalf of the organization on websites, blogs and other forms of social media without permission.

Under the organization’s policy, employees must receive written permission from the USPS social media and legal teams and the appropriate vice president before establishing online accounts that represent the Postal Service.

Failure to follow this policy could result in corrective action, including removal from USPS.

The policy does not infringe on employees’ ability to have their own social media presence or personal accounts.

However, in their account profiles, employees should note that they don’t speak on behalf of the organization.

The social media team conducts routine audits of sites that claim to represent the Postal Service. Unverified sites are routinely removed.

USPS currently has six official social media accounts: two on Twitter and one each on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The organization also has USPS Careers accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for news about hiring, and a Facebook page to keep retirees informed about issues pertaining to health, benefits and wellness.

The Postal Inspection Service also has several social media accounts.

For additional information, email the social media team at