But wait, there’s more

The Postal Service has announced the following additional stamp releases for 2022:

Palace of Fine Arts, a Priority Mail Express stamp featuring San Francisco’s architectural landmark;

Monument Valley, a Priority Mail stamp that illustrates the iconic sandstone formations of the American West;

African Daisy, an international Forever stamp featuring the bright blossom native to southern Africa;

Shel Silverstein, a Forever stamp with a playful illustration from the author’s book “The Giving Tree”;

Flags on Barns, a stamp for business-mail users that features pencil and watercolor depictions of banners painted on the sides of barnyard buildings;

Floral Geometry, $2 and $5 denominated stamps with abstract images of floral patterns; and

Mariachi, colorful Forever stamps that capture the vibrant Mexican American musical tradition.

The Palace of Fine Arts and Monument Valley stamps will be released Feb. 14. The African Daisy stamp will be released March 14.

The release dates for the rest of the stamps have yet to be announced.

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Strong finish

Postal Service employees and contractors still have time to support their favorite causes through the Combined Federal Campaign before it concludes Jan. 15.

So far during the current campaign, which began in September, USPS employees have pledged $2.2 million in monetary support, plus more than 2,700 volunteer hours. The goal is $6.9 million.

Last year, USPS employees donated nearly $4.6 million and 5,000 volunteer hours.

The Postal Service is regularly among the campaign’s top 10 contributors.

The campaign, also known as the CFC, is the federal government’s workplace charity drive. Participants can contribute to more than 7,000 charitable organizations.

The CFC encompasses causes as varied as aiding military veterans and Silver Star families and advocating for the environment and human rights.

Unsure about which causes to support? The CFC Blue page can help.

The site features information about ways to donate and videos, as well as a link to the CFC website, where participants can sign up and donate.

Under “Donors” on the homepage, choose “Online Charity Search” from the drop-down menu, then “Select a Specific Category.” Or participants can explore causes in other categories.

The CFC Giving mobile app also has been updated to allow full payroll deduction options.

Paper pledge forms are available for those who prefer not to donate electronically.

Established in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy, the CFC is one of the largest workplace giving campaigns in the world.

Now celebrating its 60th anniversary, the campaign has raised $8.5 billion for its many causes.