ARIS update

The Postal Service is moving more applications to ARIS, the organization’s new platform for users to request access to USPS digital resources on ACE computers.

Starting Jan. 18, Customer Label Distribution System, Enterprise Content Management, Full-Service Handheld Mail Verification and National Meter Accounting Tracking System will be among 23 applications that will transition to ARIS from eAccess.

Those applications will join more than two dozen others — including ACE Web Conferencing Zoom meeting scheduler and eTravel — that have migrated to ARIS since October.

ARIS will eventually replace eAccess, a 23-year-old platform that uses legacy technology that is costly to maintain.

ARIS — short for Access Registration and Identity Services — features a user-friendly interface and commercial off-the-shelf software that is easier to update and secure.

USPS will continue to transition applications to ARIS through 2024 until all applications are moved off eAccess.

ARIS is part of the Postal Service’s overarching Zero Trust initiative to further protect the organization against evolving cyberthreats.