New stamps

The Postal Service has announced the release dates for 12 stamps, along with the cities where they’ll be dedicated:

• Title IX, March 3, Washington, DC

• Mountain Flora, March 14, Alpine, WY

• African Daisy (Global), March 14, Kansas City, MO

• Sunflower Bouquet (2 ounce), March 24, Lawrence, KS

• Tulips, March 24, Mount Vernon, WA

• Flags on Barns, April 14, Halifax, PA

• George Morrison, April 29, Grand Portage, MN

• Eugenie Clark, May 4, Sarasota, FL

• Women’s Rowing, May 13, Philadelphia

• Mighty Mississippi, May 23, Memphis, TN

• Floral Geometry, June 20, Kansas City, MO

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, some releases may have a virtual dedication ceremony or none at all. Dates are subject to change.

More information will be provided as it becomes available.