Flower essence

Floral Geometry, two stamps that celebrate the symmetry and shapes found in flowers, were released June 21.

The stamps have $2 and $5 denominations and are designed to be used with packages and large envelopes.

The art features the basic patterns of flowers boiled down to their simplest geometric elements: circles, triangles and ovals.

The watercolor backgrounds were painted by hand and then scanned, with the $2 stamp in green and the $5 stamp in purple. The white geometric lines were then added digitally.

A foil treatment adds glimmer to the images.

Both stamps were created and designed by the firm Spaeth Hill. Antonio Alcalá was art director.

There will be no dedication ceremony for the stamps, which will be sold at Post Offices and usps.com. The $2 issue will be sold in panes of 10 and the $5 stamp in panes of four.