Winter storage

The Postal Service wants to remind facilities that store large quantities of de-icing and anti-skidding chemical products to follow the rules for proper storage.

Such products include:

  • Sodium chloride or rock salt.
  • Calcium and magnesium chloride.
  • Calcium magnesium acetate.
  • Sand.

De-icing and anti-skidding products may be regulated under federal, state and local law.

Regulations could include mandatory chemical reporting, restrictions on the amount stored, permitting and requirements for on-site storage areas.

Additionally, under the organization’s zero discharge policy, facilities that store these products must keep them under an awning, shed, tarp or similar shelter.

Facilities should not purchase or store more than 10,000 pounds of de-icing and anti-skidding products in a single location, unless absolutely necessary.

For additional information, contact your designated environmental specialist or visit the Environmental Affairs Blue page.

Hoppy new year

The Postal Service will release Year of the Rabbit, the fourth in the Lunar New Year series of stamps, on Jan. 12.

The Lunar New Year is celebrated in many Asian cultures and has become a popular observance in the United States. The Year of the Rabbit begins on Jan. 22 and ends Feb. 9, 2024.

The design is based on cut-paper folk art and features the stylized mask of a rabbit’s face covered with meaningful symbols. For example, the crescent moon on its forehead is a nod to the lunar calendar on which the Chinese zodiac is based.

The mask is accented by red, pink and purple, colors considered lucky for those born under the sign of the rabbit.

Camille Chew created the artwork and Antonio Alcalá provided art direction.

The Postal Service’s two previous Lunar New Year stamp series ran 1992-2004 and 2008-2019.

The current series began in 2020 with Year of the Rat, which was followed by the Ox and the Tiger.

The Year of the Rabbit stamp will be available in panes of 20 at Post Offices and

Career advancement

Postal Service employees can participate in an upcoming webinar to learn about furthering their education.

The session, “Pursuing Education for Career Advancement,” will be held Jan. 18 at 12:15 p.m. EST and 3:15 p.m. EST.

Representatives from the University of Phoenix will conduct the webinar and discuss using degrees, certificates and individual courses to navigate your career.

Participants must register before the event on the webinar website. After signing up, directions will be emailed to each registrant.

Following the session, registrants will receive an email with a link to an archived recording, along with the slides shown.

Participation is voluntary. Nonexempt employees may only participate off the clock or during authorized breaks.

For more information, email the USPS Health and Wellness team.

News Briefs

Scanning snapshot

Scanning snapshot. A snapshot of Postal Service scanning data shows the national rating was 96.37 percent during the week ending Jan. 6, down 0.28 percent from one week earlier.

The data was collected Jan. 11.

Central led the four areas with a rating of 97.16 percent, while WestPac ranked last with a 95.22 percent rating.

Among the 50 districts, Wisconsin, part of Central, ranked first with a 98.09 percent rating, while California 4, part of WestPac, ranked last with a 79.03 percent rating.

Scanning data allows customers to track their mail and packages, which helps USPS deliver excellent service, boost loyalty and drive revenue.

To see the latest data, go to the Informed Visibility website and select “Customer Experience,” followed by “DES 2 Scan Performance.” Postal Service employees must request Informed Visibility access through eAccess.

Delivery data. From Oct. 1 through Dec. 30, the Postal Service delivered 90.1 percent of First-Class Mail on time when compared with the organization’s service standard, according to data released last week.

During the same period, USPS delivered 94 percent of Marketing Mail and 84.7 percent of Periodicals on time, the figures show.

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