Vote of confidence

The Postal Service recently earned the Public Service Award for its Election Mail program from the nonpartisan Election Verification Network.

The award is given annually to a public official or government unit for protecting and promoting election integrity.

“This award is further confirmation of the Postal Service’s deep commitment and great success in delivering the nation’s ballots securely and on time,” said Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. “We take pride in the role our organization plays in the election process. The American people can continue to feel confident in using the U.S. Mail to fulfill their democratic duty.”

The Election Verification Network comprises election officials, researchers and advocates focused on secure, transparent and verifiable elections.

“The award is additional recognition of the Postal Service’s successful processing and delivery of Election Mail, which has grown exponentially in recent years,” said Adrienne Marshall, the organization’s director of election and government mail services.

In 2022, USPS formed the Election and Government Mail Services Team to focus year-round on the timely and secure delivery of Election Mail as interest and use of mail-in voting continues to grow.

Amber McReynolds, a member of the Postal Service Board of Governors, nominated the Postal Service for the award.

“There is no other entity in the country that serves every single community in the United States, delivers to every voter and serves every election office as the USPS does,” she said. “And USPS has a vital role in the election process — not only for delivering ballot mail but also for polling place notifications, voter registration mailings, election education mailings, and USPS processes over 40 million changes of address through its website each year.”

In January, the agency issued its 2022 Post-Election Analysis Report on Election Mail during the 2022 midterm elections. The report highlights the Postal Service’s successful delivery of 54.4 million ballots to and from voters during the 2022 general election, with 98.96 percent of ballots delivered from voters to election officials within three days. On average, completed ballots were delivered from voters to election officials in fewer than two days.

Site inspections

The Postal Service wants to remind employees to comply with all federal, state and local environmental regulations — and to cooperate fully with the agents of these groups.

Detailed directions on handling inspector visits are available on Blue.

Contact one of the organization’s two environmental implementation regional managers if:

• The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or a state or local environmental regulator visits your site to conduct an inspection, walk-through or review.

• You are informed that such an inspection or visit is planned.

• Your facility receives a notice of violation or similar alert, such as a warning letter or request for compliance documentation, issued by the EPA or a state or local environmental agency.

The manager will assign an environmental field support specialist to assist you.

The two environmental implementation regional managers and the areas they cover are:

Nicholas DeCarlo: Processing and headquarters facilities located within the Eastern Processing Region (except the Southwest Division and the state of Michigan), and retail and delivery facilities located within the districts of Atlantic Area and portions of Central (Kentucky-West Virginia, Ohio 1 and Ohio 2) and Southern areas (Alabama-Mississippi, Florida 1, Florida 2, Florida 3, Georgia, Puerto Rico, South Carolina and Tennessee). He can be reached at

Judy Wingo-Stalinger: Processing and headquarters facilities located within the Western Processing Region, the state of Michigan and the Southwest Division of the Eastern Processing Region, and retail and delivery facilities located within the districts of WestPac Area and portions of Central (Iowa-Nebraska-South Dakota, Illinois 1, Illinois 2, Indiana, Kansas-Missouri, Michigan 1, Michigan 2, Minnesota-North Dakota and Wisconsin) and Southern areas (Arkansas-Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas 1, Texas 2 and Texas 3). She can be reached at