Supporting semipostals

Each year, the Postal Service designates the months of September through December to promote its semipostal stamps, which raise funds related to the cause associated with the stamps.

The lineup is Alzheimer’s (September), Breast Cancer Research (October), Save Vanishing Species (November) and Healing PTSD (December).

The Ethics team recently issued a set of guidelines for promoting the stamps using input from the Brand and Policy, Finance, Legal, Licensing, Labor Relations, Retail and Delivery Operations and Stamp Services teams.

Here is a summary of the guidelines:

• Raffles and drawings are allowed only if everyone can enter for free without a purchase of any postal product being required, the prizes have been donated voluntarily by employees or paid for with authorized postal funds, and it is held to promote each semipostal stamp.

• Decorations must not include stamp images, even images of the semipostal stamps being promoted. The phrases “Fund the fight. Find a cure,” “#PostalProud” and “Postal Proud” may be used on decorations, as can the Postal Service pink ribbon image, which is available from the Ethics Office.

• When communicating with public and news media, employees may only use articles, press releases and marketing materials that have been approved and provided by Corporate Communications, Stamp Services and Marketing.

• Outside organizations may not distribute materials related to the semipostal stamp’s cause or hold awareness or charitable activities in Post Office lobbies or on postal property.

• Postal employees may not solicit or accept donations from customers.

• Employees can order T-shirts, at their own expense, from June 15 until Aug. 15, using password USPS2023, to promote semipostal stamps.

Uniformed employees may wear the semipostal stamp T-shirts during promotional activities, with the head of the facility’s approval, but only on one business day each week. Other employees may wear the T-shirts during work hours, if permitted by the head of the facility. The T-shirts worn should correspond to the semipostal stamp that is being promoted.

Event planners are also reminded that postal funds used for semipostal stamp promotions are deducted from the proceeds sent to the various causes.

Employees with additional questions about semipostal stamp promotional activities or the guidelines should email the Ethics Office.

Share your feedback

USPS is encouraging employees to complete the Postal Pulse survey before the May 26 deadline.

The survey, which began April 25, allows employees to share observations about their work environment. This feedback helps USPS to make positive changes and improvements.

The Postal Pulse survey is run by Gallup. It takes about five minutes to complete and gives leadership valuable feedback.

Bargaining-unit employees will receive a paper survey at their homes and workplaces, and additionally by email if they have a postal email address. Nonbargaining employees will receive an email that allows them to complete the survey.

Although many employees have several options to participate, only one survey received by Gallup for each employee will be counted.

Gallup doesn’t share individual employees’ survey responses with USPS. Summary data will be shared with USPS.

The Employee Engagement LiteBlue page has more information.

SOX compliance

The Postal Service is reminding managers of the upcoming May 23 deadline for reviewing contractor access to the organization’s applications and systems.

The periodic reviews are required under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) accounting law.

Managers must perform the reviews using both eAccess and ARIS. The USPS ServiceNow website has instructions for performing both kinds of reviews.

 To review contractor access, managers should:

• Verify that users are properly assigned to them and that their role is correct.

• Ensure that access to systems and applications is restricted only to what users require to perform their current role and nothing more.

To avoid disrupting contractors’ productivity, managers should complete reviews before 11:59 p.m. Central Time on May 23.