Inflammation information

Postal employees can participate in an upcoming webinar on inflammation and how it affects the body.

The session, “Douse the Internal Flame: The Role of Chronic Inflammation,” will be held June 12 at noon Eastern Time.

Mounting evidence suggests that chronic inflammation plays a role in the development of cancer, diabetes, and coronary artery and Alzheimer’s diseases.

Participants will learn how inflammation can affect long-term health and how to reduce or prevent the “internal flame” with diet and lifestyle changes.

Thu Huynh, a nutritionist at Giant Food, and Coletta Meyer, manager of health engagement at GEHA, a not-for-profit provider of health plans for federal employees, will present the webinar.

Advance registration is required.

Participation is voluntary. Non-exempt employees may only participate off the clock or during authorized breaks.

For more information, email the USPS Wellness team or visit the USPS Wellness LiteBlue page.