Inside job

The Postal Service wants employees and contractors to know that threats to the organization’s information can come from the inside.

The key to preventing these threats is to know what the risks are and how to report them.

The organization works with the Postal Inspection Service and the USPS Office of Inspector General to prevent, detect and investigate instances of risky insider activity.

For example: Using an unapproved, removable media device to copy, move or store electronic files containing personally identifiable information meets the criteria for an insider risk.

Not all risky activities are intentional, and not all lead to an actual threat.

However, a pattern of conduct by a person that may be insignificant on its own may be worth reporting to the Insider Risk Program team when it happens in combination with other concerning behavior.

Examples of such behavior are listed on the program’s Blue page and include:

• Significant interest in sensitive missions outside the scope of the person’s duties;

• Repeated violations of policies or laws; and

• Angry outbursts or hateful comments about co-workers or the organization.

The team can be reached at