Winter wonderlands

The Postal Service dedicated its Snow Globes stamps on at the Stephen C. West Ice Arena in Breckenridge, CO, on Sept. 19.

The collection of four stamps captures the whimsical nature of snow globes.

“You can see why people find them so engaging,” said Sheila Holman, the Postal Service’s marketing vice president, who spoke at the ceremony. “Snow globes are wonder-full.”

In one of the stamps, Santa Claus prepares to climb down a chimney. In another, a snowman wearing a jaunty red-and-white scarf seems to wave. In the third stamp, a reindeer pauses in a snowy forest. And in the fourth stamp, a snow-covered tree decorated with colorful ornaments showcases the festive nature of the winter holiday season.

In each, white flakes drift beneath a dome of glass.

Joining Holman at the ceremony were Gregory Manchess, stamp artist; Eric Mamula, mayor of Breckenridge; Scott Reid, deputy town manager; Jonathan Oetken, winter sports host and master of ceremonies for the event; Matt Dayton, Nordic combined skier who competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics; and Harry Rinker, author of a book about snow globes.

Derry Noyes, an art director for USPS, designed the Snow Globes stamps with original art by Manchess.

The Forever stamps are available in booklets of 20 at Post Offices and

Play cyberdefense

The Postal Service is reminding employees and contractors to be aware of cybercriminals impersonating USPS personnel.

These cybercriminals use fraudulent emails (phishing), text messages (smishing) or phone calls (vishing) to carry out their attacks.

To protect yourself and the organization, follow these tips:

Be suspicious: Always be wary of any email, text message or phone call that requests personal information or urges you to take immediate action.

• Don’t click on links: Avoid clicking on links in unexpected or unsolicited emails or text messages. If you believe the email or text message could be legitimate, look up the individual’s or company’s contact information and reach out to them directly for verification.

• Verify the sender: Be cautious of text messages from unknown numbers or numbers that don’t look like phone numbers. Scammers often use email-to-text technologies to disguise their real phone numbers.

Don’t reply: If you receive a suspicious email, text message or phone call, don’t reply or respond.

If you believe you are the victim of one of these attacks, call the Cybersecurity Operations Center at 866-877-7247 or send an email to

For more information, visit the CyberSafe at USPS Blue and LiteBlue pages.

News Briefs

Scanning snapshot

Scanning snapshot. A snapshot of Postal Service scanning data shows the national rating was 95.59 percent during the week ending Sept. 15, down 0.7 percent from one week earlier.

The data was collected Sept. 20.

WestPac led the four areas with a rating of 96.40 percent, while Southern ranked last with a 94.93 percent rating.

Among the 50 districts, California 6, part of WestPac Area, ranked first with a 97.58 percent rating, while Illinois 1, part of Central Area, ranked last with a 90.47 percent rating.

Scanning data allows customers to track their mail and packages, which helps USPS deliver excellent service, boost loyalty and drive revenue.

To see the latest data, go to the Informed Visibility website and select “Customer Experience,” followed by “DES 2 Scan Performance.” Postal Service employees must request Informed Visibility access through eAccess.

ARIS access. A change has been made to the Access Registration and Identity Services (ARIS) platform to make it easier for employees and contractors with an ACE ID to request access to USPS digital resources.

When users choose the “Request Access” tile on the ARIS dashboard, the “Application” option will be automatically selected. Users can still choose the “Approvals Roles” option, tif that is what they are seeking. This is expected to reduce the number of incorrect requests.

This IT Self Help/ServiceNow article has more information.

Zoom features. Zoom, the Postal Service’s video conferencing platform, has added several enhancements for meetings and webinars.

Zoom participants are now able share two desktop screens at the same time. Meeting and webinar hosts can now enable the question-and-answer feature. And webinar hosts and co-hosts are now able to transfer webinars from their mobile device to a desktop computer, or vice versa.

The IT Self Help/ServiceNow portal has more information about these new features.

Delivery data. From July 1-Sept. 8, the Postal Service delivered 91.5 percent of First-Class Mail on time when compared with the organization’s service standard, according to data released last week.

During the same period, USPS delivered 95.2 percent of Marketing Mail and 86.4 percent of Periodicals on time, the figures show.

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