Ready to deliver

The Postal Service is ready to deliver another successful holiday season.

“Our 2022 peak season was a tremendous success,” said Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

“We are ready to deliver for the holidays in a superior and routine manner. We have been planning early and leveraging investments in our people, infrastructure, transportation and technology — made possible by the Delivering for America plan. And with no holiday surcharges, we are strongly positioned to be America’s most affordable delivery provider this holiday season.”

In 2022, USPS processed more than 11.7 billion mailpieces and packages during the holiday season. On average, it took just 2.5 days to deliver a mailpiece or package.

Throughout 2023, the organization has maintained even stronger service performance.

Thanks to the ongoing implementation of the Delivering for America plan, 98 percent of the nation’s population currently receives their mail and packages in fewer than three days, and 40 percent of First-Class Mail and packages are being delivered a day in advance.

The Postal Service is also working to correct service-related issues in limited areas across the nation through hiring initiatives and improving operational efficiency.

During a media webinar Sept. 19, the organization also announced it will not levy additional surcharges for customers this holiday season, offering increased predictability in pricing. There will be no additional fees for residential area delivery, for Saturday delivery or for minimum volumes.

USPS has also made key investments ahead of the holiday season, including:

• Hiring 10,000 seasonal employees. The organization has converted more than 150,000 precareer workers into career positions since October 2020.

Because of this success, USPS anticipates the need to hire only an additional 10,000 seasonal employees.

Using 348 new package sorting machines. These units enable employees to sort and process packages of all sizes more quickly and reliably.

The Postal Service has installed 348 new package processing machines across the nation since the beginning of 2021, including 100 sorting machines since last peak season. An additional 47 machines will be installed ahead of this year’s holidays.

The equipment is part of the organization’s $40 billion investment in new technology and facilities under the Delivering for America plan.

• Increasing daily processing capacity to more than 70 million. USPS has expanded its daily package processing capacity to 70 million — an increase of approximately 10 million over last year’s capacity.

Since 2020, the Postal Service has nearly tripled its daily package processing capacity. This allows for packages to move through the postal network more quickly and eliminates the need for the leasing of temporary annexes.

Moving 95 percent of volume via more reliable ground transportation. USPS has adapted its transportation and logistics processes to handle the high mail and package volumes expected during peak season.

The Postal Service continues to move mail and package volume from expensive air transportation to its redesigned ground transportation network.

Currently, 95 percent of First-Class Mail and more than 95 percent of packages are moved through the improved, more reliable ground transportation system.

Offering USPS Ground Advantage. This new shipping offering provides a simple, reliable and more affordable way to ship packages this holiday season in just 2-5 business days across the contiguous United States.

“We understand the importance of every single package and letter that is sent during the holidays,” said DeJoy.

“That is why we continue to adapt and execute on strategies to modernize and transform the Postal Service into the high-performing organization the nation expects and deserves. I am confident in our ability to handle the peak season surge and deliver exceptional service to the American people during the holidays and beyond.”

Disability Employment Awareness Month

The Postal Service will observe National Disability Employment Awareness Month in October.

This year’s theme, “Advancing Access and Equity,” refers to an important milestone in disability rights: the 50th anniversary of the passage of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

The landmark law ensured civil rights protections and reasonable accommodations for individuals with disabilities in any federally funded activity or program.

“Approximately 38,000 USPS employees identify as having a disability. Management leverages those employees’ skills and unique perspectives to strengthen services provided to the American public,” said Thomas Blum, the Postal Service’s labor relations vice president.

“USPS values the significance of their contribution to the organization’s overall success,” he said.

The Postal Service is encouraging all employees with a disability to self-identify, or to update a disability already on file, by completing PS Form 2489, Self-Identification of a Physical or Mental Disability.

The data gleaned from the form, which is kept confidential, supports the development of initiatives to improve the recruitment, hiring, advancement and retention of individuals with disabilities.

PS Form 2489 is not a request for reasonable accommodation.

The website of the Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy has more information about the 2023 campaign, including ways employers can promote disability inclusion efforts year-round.

The Postal Service’s National Disability Program Blue page also offers materials to help employees and managers better understand disability employment matters, including information about the October observance, the Rehabilitation Act and disability employment policy.

Relocation expenses

Postal Service employee relocation expense reimbursement requests submitted after Nov. 17 will be processed for payment after Jan. 2, 2024.

This deadline ensures that the organization has adequate time to record and report all relocation expenses for 2023 tax purposes.

Employees should refer any questions to their relocation counselor or send an email to the USPS relocation team.

The Relocation Blue page also has information regarding this deadline.