Stay vigilant

The Postal Service wants employees and contractors to beware of smishing scams involving package delivery issues, especially during the holidays.

Smishing refers to text messages sent by online criminals to con victims into downloading malicious software or divulging passwords and financial account information.

For instance, a smishing text might read, “The package has arrived at the warehouse and cannot be delivered due to incomplete address information. Confirm your address at the link.”

USPS encourages employees and contractors to follow these tips:

Be suspicious: Always be wary of any text message that requests personal information or urges you to take immediate action.

Don’t click on links: If a company sends you an unexpected or unsolicited email, contact the sender directly for verification.

Verify the sender: Be cautious of text messages from unknown numbers. Scammers often use email-to-text tools to disguise their real phone numbers.

Don’t reply: Never respond to a suspicious text message.

To make a report for USPS-related smishing, employees and contractors can copy the message without clicking on the link and email the message to, or forward the text to 7726.