On the move

The Postal Service helps keep American commerce moving — literally.

The organization has more than 228,000 vehicles, one of the largest civilian fleets in the world.

On a typical day, these vehicles help USPS to deliver more than 470 million mailpieces to about 160 million addresses, including more packages to homes than any other business.

The postal vehicle fleet includes more than 44,000 alternative-fuel‑capable vehicles, most of which are equipped to use ethanol. The fleet also includes compressed natural gas and liquid propane gas vehicles.

Of course, the real power behind the postal fleet is people, including 5,100 vehicle maintenance employees.

And just as the nation keeps moving forward, so does USPS.

The organization is conducting research and testing as part of its efforts to develop next-generation vehicles that will have improved ergonomics, safety features, fuel efficiency and design flexibility.

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