Package perks

Letter carrier places form on front door of customer's home

USPS offers a variety of services to help customers manage their package deliveries — a particularly useful benefit in a time when people are having more products shipped to their homes.

For example, Package Intercept allows a sender or recipient to stop delivery or redirect an incoming package or letter. Most domestic mailings with a tracking or Extra Services barcode are eligible for Package Intercept, which customers can request through

USPS also offers a redelivery service. If a mail carrier is unable to complete a delivery, he or she will leave PS Form 3849, also known as the notice left form, which allows customers to look up their items and reschedule delivery.

And, of course, customers can track and manage their packages through Informed Delivery and other applications offered by the Postal Service.

These services, part of the organization’s core strategy to deliver excellent customer experiences, help USPS build consumer loyalty, win new business and drive revenue.

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