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Migrating content from TeamSite

Migration goals:

Our goal is to migrate all of 2015’s Link content into WordPress (WP). These migration tasks will also help you get used to the WP environment for when we go live will need to start working on current story content on a daily bases. Once we are up and running with WP, the next steps will be to train Link editors to start inputting their own stories into WP. But one thing at a time…

Logging in:

  1. To log into WordPress, go to http://link.usps.com/wp-admin/

  2. You should see a WP log-in screen.
    (Your user name and password would have been emailed to you.)

  3. Once logged in, you will see the admin Dashboard along with all the other available admin features in the left side-bar.wpdashboard
    (You are now logged in and can view the WP Link website even while it is in maintenance mode at http://link.usps.com.)

Task management:

Before starting to migrate your content, you will need to record your progress so that we are not duplicating or missing any 2015 content. To do this:

  1. Click on the ‘Project Manager’ menu item in the sidebar. Then click on the ‘Migration tasks’ project.

  2. From this page, click on ‘Milestones’ from the horizontal tabbed menu option. This page will show you the lists of all tasks to be completed, in-progress and pending.

    1. View the progress bars on the right of a task to view if it is a completed item or not.
    2. Look for the earliest task yet to be completed. Click on it’s title.
    3. You will then want to make sure it is not already assigned to someone. To check, find the list item containing ‘All content’ which is located under the task title (usually a date ex. Feb. 18).
    4. If there is a name attached to the line-item, this task has already been assigned and you should go back to the next earliest task.
    5. If there is no name present, this task is free for you to work on.

  3. To assign yourself a task, hover over the task line-item ‘All content’ and then click on the little pencil edit icon.

  4. This will expand the task options and allow you to assign yourself to this task line-item.
    If you wish to add additional line items to help you remember your progress, feel free to do so within that task. Just remember that you will need to assign yourself to each additional line item you add to the task.

  5. When you are done assigning the line-item(s) to yourself, click to save your changes.

  6. You are now ready to start migrating content for the task date in which you assigned yourself.

  7. Once your task is complete, usually meaning that you have completed all News posts, Did you know?, Tips of the day, Heroes corner, Mailbag and Quotable quotes for that task date assigned. If so, mark this task as complete by clicking on the check box to the left. The task status will update and you can feel free to move onto the next task.

Migrating News content:

  1. News posts can be located within the ‘Posts’ admin menu item within the left-sidebar. Once click, a listing page of all posts created will be displayed. From here, click on the ‘Add New’ button from either the left side-bar or from the top of the page.

  2. Here are the main News post fields you will find when adding a new post:
    A. News post main title
    B. Sub-header/tag-line goes here. It shouldn’t be too long.
    C. Listing preview: this field’s formatting capabilities are limited. For example, you should not try to add any link elements or font styles to this text-area. This is what users see on the landing page and has very specific styling built-in. For migration purposes, you will simply be copying and pasting the first sentence from the main article into this field.
    Our goal is to migrate all of 2015’s Link content into WP. With these tasks, it will also help you get used to the WP environment for when we go live and current stories will need to be updated.
    D. For migration purposes, we will not be using this feature so please ignore it.
    E. This is the date in which the post is categorized via the archive pages. Do not use the post date for this field.
    F. Press edit to update the Publish/Posted date. You will want to match the date AND the time in which the original news item was posted which is on display. make sure to click the save button when you are don, before publishing.
    G. The only two categories you should be selecting is ‘News’ (every post we are migrating is a News post), and ‘Link Extra’ if it is a Link Extra news item.
    H. The tags field is a new feature which we will be using in the future but can ignore for the migration process.
    I. & J. See below for more details about adding featured and thumbnail images.
    K. This is your main content area. In most cases, you can copy and paste the entire new post into this field and all the styling will carry over. See below about updating links and photo galleries.
    L. When all the content is added and you are complete, press the ‘Publish button to save and push the news post live. If you are not complete but want to save your work for later, use the ‘Save Draft’ button at the top-left of that module box. 

Formatting text links:

When you copy over your News content into the main content field (K), links will be included but in many cases you will need to make sure the links are formatted correctly.

First, check to see if the link is an external link (directing the user away from the WP Link website) or if it is an internal link.

External links:

  1. Highlight the text which is part of the link and then click on the link button above the text-area.

  2. Make sure that the ‘Open link in a new window/tab’ option is selected. Then press ‘Update’.

Internal links:

  1. If the link is an internal link, make sure that the News post was posted in 2015. If the linked content was posted before 2015, treat this link as an external link, keeping the legacy URL and selecting the option to open the link in a new window/tab.Otherwise, highlight your text link, click on the link button above the text-area and then select the ‘Or link to existing content’ option. This will expand your window with more options to search and select the content you want to link to within WP.
    When selecting this option, make sure that you are not opening the link in a new window/tab.TIP: The News post date is listed on the right side if you are not sure that you are linking to the correct News post. Sometimes news titles can be very similar from each other.


Adding featured and thumbnail images:

To upload images into WP, you can either do so from the ‘Media’ menu option within the side-bar or from within the content edit page you are working on. From an edit page, click on the button to add an image and the Media Gallery will open. From here you will see all images that have already been added to the server.

  1. Before you can upload new images, you must download the images from the old archive location, onto your computer.  To get the thumbnail version of an image, add “/teasers/” after ‘/images/’ within the URL and then add “-tease” at the end of the URL, just before the extension. Save that image to your computer as well for uploading later.
  2. To upload new images, make sure you select the ‘Upload Files’ tab and then click the ‘Select Files’ button in the middle of the screen.

  3. Once you have selected and uploaded the image(s), you will be taken back to the Media Library tab where your image should be pre-selected. Double-check to make sure the correct image/version is selected, add the caption text if there is any and always fill in the Alt Test field with something to be 508 compliant. Once finished, click the ‘Select’ button.
    Tip: If you are working on a Link Extra, you can simple search for “Extra” within the media window and find the images which are already on the web server.
  1. Make sure that your courser is at the bottom of the main text-area field, just under the text and then click on the ‘Add Media’ button.

  2. When the Gallery window pops up, select ‘Create Gallery’ option from the left side-bar, then select the ‘Upload Files’ tab and then the ‘Select Files’ button. Choose your files and upload them to the server.
    Be sure to upload the larger files to the server and not the thumbnails for gallery images. WP will make the thumbnail images for you.

  3. Finding the correct images from Link can be a little tricky. Right click on the featured image on the legacy page, copy the image URL and paste into a new window, then download the image (this is just one way to do this).
  4. Once your image files have been uploaded, you will see them in the gallery. Select the images you want to be included. Grey checks mark the images that will be in the gallery, the blue check marks the current image that is selected.While you are selecting the images for a gallery, make sure that you add the image captions (if there are any) and the Alt Text for each image. Then click on the ‘Create a new gallery’ button.

  5. On the next step, you are able to re-order the images. You will also need to change the ‘Link to’ option so that ‘Media File’ is selected. This is important to do so that the Light-box feature will work when users click on the images to view the gallery. The next option is ‘Columns’ which should be set to ‘6’ so that the thumbnails are generated at the correct size. Once complete, click on the ‘Insert Gallery’ button.

  6. A gallery has now been created and placed at the bottom of the News post. If you hover over the gallery images, you will see that you can delete and edit the gallery settings if needed. Don’t forget to Save or Publish the content when complete.

Uploading PDF documents:

PDF documents that are linked within news stories should also be migrated into WordPress. You can upload PDF documents just as you would an image. First:

  1. Download the file you wish to include (PDF document) onto your computer.
  2. Within the post edit screen, press the “Add Media” button above the main text editor box. Then just as if you were uploading a photo, upload the document to the Media Library.
  3. From there, you will be able to retrieve and copy the new document URL (displayed on the right side of the Media window when the document file is selected) to create a text link within the text editor box. You can also use the Add Media feature to add a link to the document the same way you would embed a photo. Once created, you are free to utilize the link WYSIWYG button within the text edit box to customize the link.

Reordering posts:

When you have finished migrating a days worth of posts, you will want to check and make sure that they are in their correct order. To do this:

  1. Hover over the “Posts” option in the left-nav and then click on “Re-Order”.
  2. On this page you will find a list of all posts. You will be able to drag and drop the posts in the order that you wish. Only worry about the order of the posts within the day you are working on. The relation of all the other posts is not relevant.
  3. Once the order is correct, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Update” button. Refresh your archive/news day listing page to see the results. 


Creating: Did you know?

Adding a Did you know? post is very similar to adding a News post but simpler. You only need to worry about the archive date (not a post date) and the time should be set to 00:00. Also don’t forget that the Did you know? text is used within the title field.

Finding image URLs:

When pulling images from the legacy Link, you might need to know a few URL tricks to find the correct image version needed. This is one way to get the URL of the Did you know? images and download them to your computer:

  1. Right-click on the Did you know? image from the calendar view and select, copy image URL.
  2. Copy that URL into a new browser window, remove “-thumb” from the end of the URL and press Enter. Right-click and download the image. It can be helpful to create a folder just for these images so that they are easier to fine later.
  3. Then, to get the thumbnail version without text, add “-link” to the end of the image URL. Save that image the same way.

TIP: When adding the images, you can fill in the Alt Text field with “Did you know?”.

Creating: Tips of the day

Just like adding a News post but much simpler. Make sure to set the archive date (not a post date) correctly and the time should be set to 00:00. Also watch out for text links (see the section within News posts for more information).


Creating: Heroes corner

Just like adding a News post but much simpler. Make sure to set the archive date (not a post date) correctly and the time should be set to 00:00. Also watch out for text links (see the section within News posts for more information).


Creating: Mailbag

Just like adding a News post but much simpler. Make sure to set the archive date (not a post date) correctly and the time should be set to 00:00. Also watch out for text links (see the section within News posts for more information).


Creating: Quotable quotes

Just like adding a News post but much simpler. Make sure to set the archive date (not a post date) correctly and the time should be set to 00:00. Also watch out for text links (see the section within News posts for more information).

Quotable quotes does have a couple extra steps to look out for. Use the by-line text for the title field. For the ‘Quote tagline’ you also use the by-line text but you will need to make sure to add a Hyphen and space before the tagline. You can find the Hyphen symbol within the special characters button options.

The bottom text area is where you include the quote content. Don’t forget to include quotes around your text.


Postal news and information