Amrafel Apolinaris, Fajardo, PR

Postal worker stands near time clock

City Carrier Assistant Amrafel Apolinaris was recently delivering mail in Fajardo, PR, when he saw an older man trip and fall while walking from his house to the mailbox.

Apolinaris rushed to help the customer, who suffered a head injury and was bleeding profusely.

The Postal Service employee called 911 for the man — who was home alone and recovering from hip surgery — and comforted him until emergency responders arrived.

“I was taught that this may happen on the route, but being there at the moment was different,” Apolinaris said.

“I just wanted to make sure he was OK.”

The customer later contacted the local Post Office to thank Apolinaris.

“I am always grateful to see the carrier, and without his assistance that day, the outcome could have been terrible,” he said.


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