Barbara Briggs-Webb and Cody Peace, Falconer, NY

Falconer, NY, Postmaster Barbara Briggs-Webb and Retail Associate Cody Peace

A customer in Falconer, NY, would have lost more than $2,000 in a lottery scam recently had it not been for the intervention of two concerned employees.

After the woman bought and mailed a money order and said she would return later to send a substantial check, Retail Associate Cody Peace told Postmaster Barbara Briggs-Webb that he was worried about the customer.

The Postmaster talked to the woman when she returned and showed her a USPS pamphlet on lottery scams. Briggs-Webb persuaded the customer to keep the check and assured her she would work with postal inspectors to retrieve the money order.

Later, when a postal inspector told the woman her money order was on its way back to her, she said, “The Falconer Post Office saved me. They did an excellent job.”

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