Cody Horsley, Nashville, TN; Jerell Stanford, Cedar Grove, NJ; Thomas Brazeal, Bellevue, NE

Nashville, TN, Maintenance Mechanic Cody Horsley with Maintenance Operations Supervisor Christopher Crowder, left, and Maintenance Operations Manager Richard Compton, right

Postal Service employees helped customers and a co-worker in several recent emergencies.

Maintenance Mechanic Cody Horsley came to the aid of a contract truck driver who suffered a seizure at the Nashville, TN, Processing and Distribution Center, performing CPR until emergency responders arrived. “This assistance helped to save the driver’s life,” Maintenance Operations Supervisor Christopher Crowder said. “Cody is to be commended for his quick thinking and actions.”

Carrier Technician Jerell Stanford was delivering mail in Cedar Grove, NJ, when he saw a woman fall while taking a walk near the senior living complex where she resides. She declined medical attention after he helped her up, and she accepted a ride home from a passerby she knew. Stanford remained concerned, so he alerted workers at the complex, who checked on the woman to make sure she was OK.

In Bellevue, NE, Letter Carrier Thomas Brazeal was worried about a customer who had an unusual accumulation of mail. He asked a neighbor to call the man, but there was no answer. Brazeal contacted police, and responding officers discovered that the man had fallen and needed medical attention. “It’s our job to look out for our customers,” Brazeal said.

Employees featured in “Heroes’ Corner” also receive letters of commendation through the Postmaster General Heroes’ Program. The nomination form is available on Blue.