Debra Grace-Sims, Rolla, MO

Rolla, MO, Rural Carrier Debra Grace-Sims with postal customer Melvin Blake

It was a bad situation, but a postal employee’s timing couldn’t have been better for a customer who recently suffered a seizure.

Rural Carrier Debra Grace-Sims was delivering parcels to Melvin Blake’s home when she saw him outside in distress. She rushed to his side to prevent him from falling, then lowered him to the ground when he ultimately lost consciousness.

When Blake came to, Grace-Sims helped him get inside, called his wife and comforted him until she arrived and took him to seek medical attention.

Blake’s wife later gave the carrier a card.

“Debbie, I believe in angels,” she wrote. “I believe that sometimes we are fortunate enough to actually meet one of our angels. I am thankful beyond words that you were my husband’s angel … when you saved his life.”

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