Diana Whetstine and Patrick Madigan, Lewiston, NY

Lewiston, NY, Retail Associate Diana Whetstine and Postmaster Patrick Madigan

As Lewiston, NY, Retail Associate Diana Whetstine recently helped a customer with a significant money order purchase, she picked up on familiar signs that he was being drawn into a scam.

She enlisted the help of Postmaster Patrick Madigan, and they urged the man not to send the money order, especially after he showed them an email that detailed a common fraudulent ploy: a promise of lottery winnings in exchange for upfront payments.

The customer took their advice and kept the money order. He also told them he had been planning to mail a substantial check, but would hold on to that, too.

Madigan, who alerted postal inspectors after the incident, believes the man would have lost thousands of dollars without intervention.

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