Jeffrey Moeller, Reeds Spring, MO

Reeds Spring, MO, Highway Contract Route Drive Jeffrey Moeller

Jeffrey Moeller, a highway contract route driver in Reeds Spring, MO, recently saved the life of a postal customer who was unaware that a fire was threatening his home.

Moeller was delivering mail to the residence when he saw smoke that appeared, at a distance, to be from leaves burning.

As he got closer, though, he realized that the wooden front porch was also on fire.

Moeller banged on a door to alert the customer but got no response, so he located a garden hose and began to douse the flames. The customer then came out of the house and helped extinguish the fire.

The man explained that he’d thrown out ashes from his fireplace without realizing that they apparently contained embers that ignited dry leaves while he fell asleep inside.

“He was extremely grateful to Jeff and credits him for preventing extensive damage and loss of life,” said local Officer in Charge Renita Frye.

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