Joyce Horn, Uhrichsville, OH

Uhrichsville, OH, Rural Carrier Associate Joyce Horn

Uhrichsville, OH, Rural Carrier Associate Joyce Horn was recently delivering mail when she spotted an older customer outside in distress over black smoke pouring from a shed between her house and barn.

Horn stopped to assist the panicked woman, who had unsuccessfully tried to reach local volunteer fire departments directly and was on the verge of leaving to find her husband and son, who were working in a nearby field.

The Postal Service employee calmed the customer, immediately called 911 and advised her to remove items from the house and barn before winds spread the flames.

Horn assisted her and her family members, who had also seen the smoke and soon arrived, followed closely by firefighters.

The blaze was extinguished before it caused extensive damage, and the family thanked Horn for staying cool under pressure and saving their home.

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