Kevin Boese, Great Bend, KS

Central Plains District Statistical Programs Supervisor Kevin Boese

Kevin Boese, a statistical programs supervisor for Central Plains District, recently came to the aid of a car accident victim whose vehicle had rolled over near tiny Otis, KS.

The postal employee climbed through rough terrain to reach the woman, who was bleeding profusely, then called 911 and stayed with her until emergency responders arrived.

“It was fortunate that the accident happened right in front of me. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to know there had been a wreck, because the vehicle had rolled so far from the roadway in the dark,” said Boese, who drew on his experience serving in Iraq as a National Guard reservist.

“I’m glad I could pull over right away and respond as fast as I did,” he added.

“Kevin is an exemplary individual who always goes above and beyond to do what’s right,” Western Area Field Financial Specialist Carleen Currier said. “He’s exactly who I’d want to help me if I were in an accident.”

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