Lars Edleblute, York, PA

From left, National Association of Letter Carriers Business Agent Bill Lucini; Senior Post Office Operations Manager Mary Tyneway; West York, PA, Officer in Charge Jose Canto; District Manager James Drummer; York City Carrier Assistant Lars Edleblute; York Postmaster Mike Becker; and NALC Branch 509 President Steve Hanna at a Central Pennsylvania District recognition event for Edleblute.

City Carrier Assistant Lars Edleblute recently helped avert a tragic outcome when an autistic child ran into traffic on a highway in York, PA.

Edleblute was loading his vehicle to begin his route when he heard the boy’s mother frantically screaming and saw her running toward the four-lane thoroughfare.

The carrier then spotted the boy as he climbed a fence and ran onto the road. While the woman called 911, Edleblute went after the boy. When he reached him, all the boy would say was, “I want to go to church.”

Edleblute, who was soon joined by an employee from a nearby business who also wanted to help, assured the boy that everything would be OK, told him they were all going on an adventure, and safely reunited him with his grateful mother.

“I’m just thankful for the boy to be alive,” Edleblute told TV station WPMT.

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