Linda Dettmer, Phillipsburg, KS

Phillipsburg, KS, Customer Services Supervisor Scott Novotny and Retail Associate Linda Dettmer

An older customer’s request at the Phillipsburg, KS, Post Office recently raised a red flag for Retail Associate Linda Dettmer.

The woman wanted to purchase money orders totaling $2,000 and ship them via Priority Mail Express to Massachusetts.

She explained that a man had called her and said she owed him $4,000, half of which she had mailed the day before.

“Do you know this person? Do you know why you owe him money?” Dettmer asked.

“No, I don’t know him, and I’m not sure why I owe him anything,” the customer replied.

The Postal Service employee told the woman she was likely being scammed and advised her to keep her money until she knew for certain there was a legitimate debt she needed to pay.

Dettmer then worked with Customer Services Supervisor Scott Novotny to retrieve the initial shipment and return it to the woman.

“I’m just happy I was able to help her and her family. They work hard and I hated to see her taken advantage of,” Dettmer said.

Phillipsburg Postmaster Angela Harrison said she “can always count on Linda to be conscientious and caring. Our customers trust she’ll take good care of them, because she always has.”

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