Liz Robles, Orlando, FL; Robin Burgin, Asheville, NC

Letter Carrier

Postal Service employees in Florida and North Carolina recently came to the aid of others in moments of need.

Orlando, FL, Letter Carrier Liz Robles was attending a holiday pool party when a 7-year-old boy nearly drowned.

After another partygoer pulled the unconscious child out of the water, Robles performed CPR on him.

She revived the boy and comforted him until paramedics arrived and took him to a hospital.

In Asheville, NC, Letter Carrier Robin Burgin was delivering mail when she discovered an older woman who’d fallen on a sidewalk and injured her head.

Burgin called 911 and stayed with her until emergency responders arrived.

Employees featured in “Heroes’ Corner” also receive letters of commendation through the Postmaster General Heroes’ Program. The nomination form is available on Blue.