Rhonda Channell, Valley Head, WV

Smiling woman wearing postal uniform

Retail Associate Rhonda Channell was on duty recently at the Valley Head, WV, Post Office when customer Jessy Darden called with an urgent request.

Darden’s elderly mother, who lived in an isolated mountaintop residence, was having a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting and the pair were en route to a nearby fire station for medical assistance.

The customer asked Channell for help in getting assistance at the fire station because her phone’s reception was spotty and her mother’s breathing had become labored.

After the line went dead, Channell rushed to the fire chief’s residence next to the Post Office and found that his wife, a paramedic, was home and able to treat Darden’s mother when she soon arrived in dire condition.

The woman soon recovered after a brief hospitalization, and Darden later mailed a letter of thanks to the local Postmaster.

“My mother and our family will be forever grateful to Rhonda for her speedy actions in getting help,” she wrote.

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