Ruth Sparnon, Webster, NY

Webster, NY, Retail Associate Ruth Sparnon

Webster, NY, Retail Associate Ruth Sparnon recently suspected a customer was being scammed when the woman attempted to purchase almost $5,000 worth of money orders.

The customer told Sparnon she had received instructions to cash a check at her bank and mail the money to a business.

Sparnon confirmed the business was legitimate, but the check wasn’t. She contacted the bank manager, who was thankful the scam was recognized before the money was lost.

“After we were able to convince this woman to not send the money, I thought, ‘Thank goodness I was there to help,’” Sparnon said.

Postmaster Thomas Mihalitsas praised Sparnon, who trains co-workers on how to spot scams.

“We all have different exposure to customers and we all try to look out for their best interests,” Mihalitsas said. “Ruth’s actions are just one example of this.”

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