Shimon Hawkins and Raquel Hernandez, Corpus Christi, TX

Man in letter carrier uniform with woman

Acting Customer Services Manager Raquel Hernandez was on the job recently in Corpus Christi, TX, when she heard loud popping sounds coming from the parking lot.

Hernandez investigated and discovered that an electrical box on a neighboring building was on fire.

She called out to Letter Carrier Shimon Hawkins, who was loading his vehicle nearby, and asked him to locate a fire extinguisher.

Hawkins sprang into action while 911 was called. He safely controlled the blaze until firefighters arrived and took over.

“The fast response by Raquel and Shimon saved several businesses from the prospect of extensive property damage,” said Officer in Charge Linda Cordova.

“We are grateful to have such wonderful employees who represent the Postal Service so well and are willing to give a helping hand when needed.”

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