Ted Porter, Nampa, ID

Nampa, ID, City Carrier Assistant Ted Porter

Two Nampa, ID, parents are grateful that City Carrier Assistant Ted Porter was in the right place at a frightening time: when their son became critically ill after ingesting synthetic marijuana with a friend after school.

“I was just delivering the mail when I heard a young boy asking for help,” Porter said. Finding him collapsed, foaming at the mouth and speaking gibberish, “I could tell he was in deep trouble.”

Porter called 911 and stayed with the child until emergency responders arrived.

The boy was hospitalized for several days and “we almost lost him,” his mother wrote to Nampa Postmaster Henry Medel in a note praising Porter. “He went way above and beyond his job and we will never forget him and have a way bigger appreciation for all postal workers.”

“Thank you for having such awesome people representing USPS,” she added.

Mendel called Porter “an excellent employee but more importantly a great human being who cares about [others].”

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