Three’s the charm

Jobi Joseph was recently having a snack while on break at the USPS vehicle maintenance facility in Garland, TX, when he started to choke.

The lead automotive technician walked to a trash can, gasped for air and lost consciousness — hitting the floor headfirst.

Facility Manager John Lumanlan ran over to him and shouted, “He’s choking!”

Louis R. Greenleaf Jr. and Jonathan Griggs, vehicle operations and maintenance assistants who were in the break room at the time, leapt into action.

Greenleaf and Griggs sat their colleague upright and administered the Heimlich maneuver while Lumanlan called 911.

The offending morsel eventually was dislodged, and Joseph regained consciousness. The other employees treated and bandaged a cut on his forehead before paramedics arrived.

Joseph was hospitalized briefly, receiving stitches before being released.

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