Timothy Thompson, McConnelsville, OH

McConnelsville, OH, Rural Carrier Timothy Thompson

McConnelsville, OH, Rural Carrier Timothy Thompson was delivering mail on a rainy spring day when he thought he heard someone faintly calling his name.

Thompson didn’t see anyone at first, but before he left the area, he took a closer look at the surrounding farmlands and spotted a familiar customer sitting atop a hill in a field.

Thompson pulled into the man’s driveway to check on him, and he passed a tractor with a blood-covered cabin.

The Postal Service employee soon learned that the customer had been operating the tractor when it rolled over at least twice, inflicting a serious head injury.

The man had managed to crawl away in search of help, and his condition was deteriorating rapidly.

Thompson immediately called 911 and rendered first aid until emergency responders arrived.

The customer is recovering.

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