Tony Williams, Tuscumbia, MO; Kelly Carter, Louisville, KY

Tuscumbia, MO, Rural Carrier Tony Williams

Postal Service employees delivering mail in Missouri and Kentucky recently came to the aid of customers who were hurt.

Tuscumbia, MO, Rural Carrier Tony Williams encountered a man who’d fallen outside his home on a hot day.

The man’s wife wanted to drive him to a hospital instead of calling for an ambulance, but she was unable to lift him.

Williams safely carried the man — whose hip injury required surgery — to the couple’s car.

In Louisville, KY, City Carrier Assistant Kelly Carter discovered a man whose head was bleeding after a fall on his front porch.

Carter called out to a nearby police officer, who contacted 911 while she rendered first aid, comforted the man and shielded him from the sun until emergency responders arrived and took him to a hospital.

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