Power to the people

USPS will continue to give consumers more control over delivery options.

USPS will continue to develop services that give consumers more control over how their packages are delivered, New Products and Innovation VP Gary Reblin told an industry conference last week.

“One thing that I believe will change over the next three to four years is consumer choice,” Reblin said at the PostalVision 2020 meeting in Arlington, VA.

“We’re developing more applications and more apps that are going to give the consumer the ability to be able to control their delivery,” he said.

The Postal Service already offers services such as My USPS.com, an online tool that allows customers to manage and track all their USPS-shipped packages in one place.

The tool, which was introduced in September, aligns with the organization’s broader emphasis on investing in technology and developing new products and services.

Similar apps will likely be developed, along with same-day delivery services and other consumer-friendly programs, Reblin said.

“We’ve got to face the fact that the consumer’s demanding more. You have to go where the consumer wants.”