Super training

Northern Ohio District supervisors gather for a recent New Supervisor Program session.

USPS has introduced a comprehensive training course for newly promoted supervisors, part of a broader effort to strengthen the postal workforce by helping employees hone their talents and skills.

The 16-week New Supervisor Program is required for new supervisors in areas such as Customer Service, Distribution Operations and Maintenance Operations. Classroom, on-the-job and virtual training is included.

“We want to provide all participants with the knowledge and experience they’ll need to succeed as supervisors and leaders of the Postal Service,” said Learning and Development Director Susan McKeen.

Topics addressed include management, communications, team building and effectively dealing with conflict. The program also trains participants in areas such as timekeeping, safety and labor relations.

“It’s been very educational,” said St. Paul, MN, P&DC Distribution Operations Supervisor Gregory Bell, who is now taking the course.

“It’s good to learn that some of the issues you face in your facility seem to be postal-wide. You may get an opportunity to help someone through a situation you’ve already experienced.”