Writers’ rooms

New York-based Regas provides the stationery at the Hotel Hugo. Photo: The New York Times

A hotel in New York City’s old printing district has returned to its roots by stocking rooms with free stationery during National Card and Letter Writing Month.

The 122-room Hotel Hugo is also handling the postage and mailing the letters on guests’ behalf.

“It’s kind of nostalgic to stop and take time to write to someone you care about,” sales director Lindsey Sears told The New York Times.

The stationery is accompanied by a note from etiquette expert Thomas Farley. He offers letter-writing tips (example: always use black ink, never blue), along with his views on the value of handwritten correspondence.

“In a time marked by Tweets and texts, #TBTs and TTYLs, there is no better way to convey sentiments that will endure than by putting them down on paper,” Farley writes.