Reaching for the stars

Fans attend Lucasfilm’s recent Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA. Photo: The New York Times

Even the “Star Wars” galaxy isn’t too far, far away for the Postal Service.

Lucasfilm, the studio behind the franchise, still receives handwritten letters from fans — and the company has a department devoted to responding to the notes and fans’ social media messages, The New York Times reported recently.

Most letters come from children. One example: Seven-year-old Colin Gilpatric of Sacramento, CA, wrote to “Star Wars” creator George Lucas when he learned Jedi Knights aren’t supposed to marry.

“I want to get married without becoming a Sith. Please change the rule,” Colin wrote.

To Colin’s surprise, he received a response in the mail. Lucasfilm’s letter, written in Jedi style, informed him Jediscan marry in some circumstances.

Lucasfilm’s approach is unique. According to the Times, some studios dump fans’ letters in the trash, while others send only form-letter responses.

In Colin’s case, the personal touch paid off.

“For them to give him that little piece of magic will make our entire family forever loyal,” said Peggy Gilpatric, Colin’s mother.

After receiving Lucasfilm’s letter, Colin got in a little trouble at school because he was asking girls in his class to marry him, CBS’s Sacramento station reported.