One word: Plastics

From left, Postal Inspectors Martha Carrillo, Zajo Hoti and Edgar Justiniano at the recent plastics industry trade show. Photo: Plastics News

The Postal Inspection Service is seeking the plastics industry’s help to prevent the misuse of mail transport equipment (MTE) such as pallets, letter trays and tubs.

Postal Inspectors recently took their “Got it? Return it!” message to the International Plastics Showcase, the industry’s top trade show.

The Inspectors told attendees how the theft of MTE causes significant losses to the Postal Service, including $120 million in replacement costs in 2013.

Inspectors also highlighted the recent prosecution of MTE thieves, including a New York recycler who was sentenced to 30 months in prison for stealing about 400,000 postal pallets.

Since 2008, Postal Inspectors have recovered more than $10 million worth of MTE.

If you know someone who is misusing MTE, call the Inspection Service’s hotline at 866-330-3404 or email