Back to school

Lakeport, CA, Customer Services Supervisor Ben Lovato. Photo: Lake County News

When Lakeport, CA, Customer Services Supervisor Ben Lovato noticed many 20-somethings don’t know how to address an envelope, he decided to do something about it.

Now Lovato visits a local elementary school to teach students about the mail.

“I grew up where you were taught how to write a letter, how to address an envelope and … see how the letter was mailed,” Lovato recently told the Lake County News. “I feel this art should not be lost, and should be taught in schools.”

Lovato also teaches students about the Postal Service.

“If these simple concepts were taught again, it not only would benefit USPS but children and young adults everywhere,” he said.

Lovato hopes his lessons will influence the next generation — and perhaps decrease those questions about how to address an envelope.